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Library is irresponsible
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Dear Editor,
Councilman Dana Dawson’s comment of “this is one of the most irresponsible things I have ever seen” best describes what the library board has done.  What on earth were they thinking?
For one reason, the library does not even own the building that it wants to spend $749,500 on. That is three quarters of a million of our tax dollars! Then to sign a contract when you don’t even have the money is even more irresponsible!  
I looked up the word irresponsible in my Thesaurus and the adjective and/or adverbs listed were untrustworthy, capricious, flighty, fickle, thoughtless, rash, undependable, unstable, loose, lax, immoral, shiftless, unpredictable and wild. Yeah, that would describe how the library board acted!
I think it’s all fine and dandy that they “wanted” to put in a high-tech geothermal system but let’s get real! We don’t always get what we want in life. The board should have looked at systems that they could afford, or rather “we” could afford. Let’s not forget, this is tax dollars that they are spending.
And where in the heck was the city leaders on this issue? It is a city owned building. I realize that a board operates the library, but come on, it is a city owned building! I can’t believe that we let people that are in city owned buildings do what ever they want without clearing it first with city leaders, especially when it is such a large amount of money and they don’t have the money to pay for it! Or, did someone know and if so, shame on you. If this is how we do business, we better look at other options!
I know the library is a great asset to our town of Great Bend, but it was ridiculous to spend this much money on a heating and cooling system when I’m sure the library needs money for a lot more improvements.
Becky Wornkey
Great Bend