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Memorial Day decorations
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Dear Editor
Recent issues of the Tribune carry a 3X2 ad stating “Great Bend City Counsel CARES. The Council is putting you and your neighbors first in 2015!”
Unless the Mayor and City Council do something about the big orange signs at the entrance of the cemetery, which proclaim: MEMORlAL DAY DECORATIONS-“No decorations shall be placed on the ground on the grave sites prior to noon on Thursday proceeding Memorial Day.”, we can assume that the advertisement in the newspaper doesn’t mean what it says.
A petition being circulated for signature by residents requesting the City Council approve the following:
“Flowers may be placed on the graves Memorial Day each year beginning at 5 p.m. Friday the weekend one week prior to Memorial Day and must be removed from the grave sites one week following Memorial Day.”
Unless something is done this week Memorial Day will have passed and so will our flowers if we put them out prior to noon on the Thursday proceeding Memorial Day.
There is a meeting of the City Council the evening of Monday May 18, and this issue is supposed to be on the agenda. If you care mark your calendar and be there.
The petition is available for signing at my office, 2109 12th Street and its adoption can be accomplished by making your feelings known to your City Council member.
Brock R. McPherson
Great Bend