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No apology for out shooting
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Dear Editor,
I have been so troubled by the report of the young soldier involved in the tragic shooting in Afghanistan.
His fourth deployment which would likely affect anyone.
Too long!
He will be tried here, thank goodness, and likely will spend his life in prison.
I am so thankful that the Afghans did not get him.
That would be a worse fate.
This got me thinking about the shooting at Ft. Hood.
That fellow can’t claim stress — only pure hatred.
And his punishment?
Last I heard, the hospital and then our comfy prisons.
Quite different.
Where was the outcry from the Arab world and other countries against him?
And any apologies? Hardly.
But our government is bending over backwards to apologize over and over again.
Both incidents were tragic, but the world and our country viewed them differently.
How sad.
Eleanor Ramsey,
Great Bend