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Nobody gets the bill for liberal agenda
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Dear Editor,
In many of her writings (earlier this year, before she started campaigning) Christina Stein rails against big corporations and the massive tax breaks they are supposedly given. Yet when facts are applied we see that the U.S. has the second highest top corporate tax rate in the industrialized world (39 percent plus up to 12 percent state corporation tax). Japan is at 40.6 percent (includes municipal and enterprise taxes). When state taxes are included, we are number one. The average for OECD member countries is 26 percent.
Even the countries that liberals love to hold up as paragons of virtue for their socialist accomplishments know better than to go that far in punishing corporations. For example: Russia 20 percent, Denmark 25 percent, Sweden 26.3 percent. Again, without the additional state taxes.
Furthermore, it is estimated that the cost of compliance with government regulations in the U.S. will reach $1.7 trillion for 2010.
More regulations will be popping out of Obamacare. And with all this love, liberals can’t understand why businesses want to move to states or countries that actually want to nurture them and not punish them. For that they are branded as evil by these same liberals.
Of course we need to provide incentives for businesses to locate in Kansas, even if it offends Ms. Stein. The over all gains in state revenues from jobs far out weigh the horrific (to her, not me) act of reduced corporate punishment. How dare they engage in capitalism?
Without businesses and their job creation, who will pay for essential government activities, let alone the huge expansion that she envisions? There is no magic money tree.
Liberals, like Ms. Stein, promise everything for everybody, paid for by nobody.
I believe the voters of the 112th District are too smart to fall for that fairy tale.
Jim Stevens,
Great Bend