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Occupy the Capitol
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Dear Editor,
Instead of occupying Wall Street, why don’t we occupy Congress. But let’s do it a little differently. Start a movement to replace every member of congress. I say we vote out of office, every incumbent. Start with the county offices, the State Representatives and the state Senators. Don’t make it complicated, just pick on all incumbents. Then move on to the Congressmen and Congresswomen of Washington. If we vote out of office every incumbent, in six years we could have a completely new set of Reps and Senators. If that doesn’t get their attention nothing will. If the heads of all the committees realize their job is on the line, they might actually represent their constituents. The lobbyists won’t know who to bribe and congress may actually respond to the needs ofthe people, not the “people with money.” Every two years there will be new Representatives and Senators with the power to negotiate. Remaining incumbents will have to appease the voters back home or leave. If the “Occupy Congress” movement continues for six years, there will be plenty of politicians who must adopt new successful ways of representing their voters or be voted out. The “power of the voters” might mean something.
The internet is an amazing tool: if we all joined a movement like “Occupy Congress” the voice of the people might be heard. There must be a way for the people of America to tell their representatives what the people want. The internet should be a good place to start: we could text our congressman every week and tell them how we want to vote on real and timely legislation. If someone can organize this movement: using the internet, facebook, tweets and text, then America might be saved from the Politicians. The founding fathers would be proud to see a nation of people reclaim their right to representation. Of the people, By the People and For the People, through the use of the internet. What do you think? Tell all your friends. Organize your own “Occupy the Capitol” protest.
Mike Leeper