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People urged to attend meeting
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 Dear editor,

Thank you Great Bend for attending the Aug. 7 City Council Meeting, over 400 attended. However, we can do better. Let’s continue to show our support for Chief Couch. Attend the next City Council meeting this month.

If you live in Great Bend, BE THERE! If you are a registered voter, BE THERE! If you have a Blue Sign in your yard, BE THERE! If you care about the type of City you want to raise your children and grandchildren in, BE THERE! If you own a business, BE THERE! If you work for the City of Great Bend, BE THERE! If you have been intimidated and Bullied by the City Council and City Administrator, BE THERE!

Call a friend, offer to take someone who doesn’t drive, car pool, ride a bike or walk. This issue effects all neighborhoods. The sleeping bear has been poked, show the City Council why you don’t poke a sleeping bear!

The era of intimidation, threats and Bulling from the City Council and City Administrator are over! We have endured long enough. Contact the Kansas Attorney General online and file your concerns.

I’ll be there, will you?

Bryan K. Harris