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Please express support for DACA program
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Dear editor,
Living in our community are a large number of boys and girls who came here with their parents as children. Most of these kids came from Mexico. Whatever we may think of their parents’ decision to come to this country, these children had no say in the matter. These innocent children should not bear the punishment for their parents’ mistakes.
In 2012, a government program, known as DACA, was announced. Although this program does not provide a path to citizenship for these children, it does offer them an opportunity to come out of the shadows and participate actively in the life of our community in the same way as their native peers; the right to pursue higher education, the right to work and the right to be free of the fear of removal from this country.
Carlos (last name withheld) came to Great Bend when he was two months old. He attended Riley Elementary school where he quickly learned English and earned praise for his efforts. In middle school, Carlos continued to work hard at his studies and received many awards such as the President’s Education Award for Academic Excellence. Carlos also displayed his skill at soccer and joined the soccer team.
Now in high school, Carlos excels in science and math and dreams of going to college to study in the field of biology. Throughout his time in school, Carlos, along with his classmates, will stand and pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States. He is as American as the students who sit beside him in class. Now, because of that government program called DACA, Carlos can look forward to applying to college and pursuing his dream.
The DACA program, which benefits Carlos and so many other deserving boys and girls in our community, is now facing a threat of being cancelled. Our Attorney General, along with the state of Texas and eight other states, threatens to go to court to abolish the DACA program. They are not offering anything in its place. If DACA is abolished, young people, like Carlos, will have no future here, or anywhere.
Please express your support for the DACA program. Contact your senators and representative and ask them to let our Attorney General know that he is on the wrong track.

Robert L. Feldt
Doris Reile
Jean Cavanaugh