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Political situation is a mess these days
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Dear Editor,
Regarding the Arizona immigration law, I have seen on TV documentary of people running across the border. Some good people and some bad.
The bad ones we can surely do without.
Make it simple for the good people who want a better life and freedom. They can have their picture taken, give their fingerprints, their name, mother’s and dad’s name, and where they were born.
Don’t be offended. As citizens of the U.S., we too are numbered since birth with our government. Why should you be any different?
And this would eliminate the middle man and a lot safer for you. This would eliminate the bag guys, hopefully also the harassment our border citizens have to deal with.
They are law-abiding citizens, pay their taxes, and entitled to proper protection, which they never received. Hooray for the little lady governor who was brave enough to make her own law.
I don’t know who the Phelps people are, or why they are so mean and cruel. Their Bible is a lot different from the one I read. My Bible tells me to love my neighbor as myself and when you see someone sick or hurting, have compassion and offer prayer in the name of Jesus.
   The butcher shops that tear up little babies will have a field day if the Democrats get to pass their freedom of choice bill. Please, Lord, forbid. Please, dear mothers to be, don’t let this happen to your little ones. Give your baby to a mom and dad who will love your baby as their very own. Pray to God to watch over them all their lives.
Remember, God loves you and will hear your prayers. He is the best friend you will ever have.
Dear fellow Americans, this coming election will be the most important one in the whole history of our wonderful U.S.A.
It is so important. We could lose our freedom. I heard on a political analysis, Mr. Obama wants world government and he wants to be the president. It’s important to get all the Obammaites out of our government before he gets rid of Congress and our voice in government — that’s you and me.
You see those commies in the White House with all the money and the people who believe anything they say, don’t realize what danger our country and your freedom are in!
I found out that our Chief Justice Roberts and Obama are in one accord about our beloved Constitution being open-ended and that the way that it is written is not for the people today.
How dare they say that?
We the people of the United States of America will never be ready for communism!
When you watch the news, can’t you see that?
They are ready to sell us out to communism and they are traitors to the American people.
I am an 85-year-old grandma, a threat to no one, but I would like to see impeachment for all the traitors. There is little I can do, but together all of us, free Americans, are still free to make our own choice in who we want in our government. We should be able to get rid of all of them.
I value my freedom more than life itself. There is no freedom in communism! We can’t believe anything they say or promise. When these people take their Constitution that guarantees our freedom, free to own guns, freedom of speech, free to voice our objections, which now are so many, free to worship our God as we choose, to have in our community the Ten Commandments on the courthouse steps, if we choose.
And I choose the right to be free to be me.
I am praying to wake up my fellow Americans to the danger I feel we are facing.
Ruth Adams,
Great Bend