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Prayerfully work it out
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Dear Editor,
Blind sided: The reaction of the city council, Cliff Couch, and the Great Bend community!
Because of the executive sessions that were held, the public will never know everything that was discussed or the real reason that the motion was made to suspend the Chief of Police and to later fire him.
Chief Couch has made a very productive effort for the betterment of this community and works very well with Sheriff Bellendir and other local law enforcement. I’m of the opinion that Chief Couch is very good for the city of Great Bend and its citizens. Granted this city, like most others, have a lot of problems facing us, but firing Chief Couch at this time is not the answer. As a Christian I would sincerely hope that all involved in this decision – Mr. Partington, Mayor Allison, Cliff Couch and the honorable city council members – would prayerfully rethink and reconsider their previous decision!
I’m convinced that you can work this out for the well being of the community, with honesty, truth, and some forgiveness on all sides! May God Bless us All!

Don Davis
Great Bend