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Preserve the Salina branch of KU School of Medicine
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Dear Editor,
Many of you may be aware of the recent budget cuts the Kansas Senate and House have proposed placing upon the higher education in the state of Kansas. With the projected budget cuts, the administration of the University of Kansas has proposed closing our campus in Salina. This would be a huge loss to the state as a whole. KU School of Medicine-Salina is committed to producing quality physicians who will return to rural Kansas; 10 of the 16 current students are contractually committed to returning to rural Kansas with three more verbal agreements. It has been proven that physicians will practice in similar environments to which they were trained. KU School of Medicine-Salina trains physicians in small town Kansas. To say we are concerned about losing our school is an understatement. We are imploring you for your support to preserve the Salina branch of the KU School of Medicine. Please contact your local Congressman and let them know how important Salina School of Medicine is to the state of Kansas.
Students of the KU School of Medicine-Salina
JuliAnne Rathbun and Students of the KU School of Medicine-Salina