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Re-elect Schartz
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Dear Editor,
Please join me in voting for Jennifer Schartz in her re-election bid for County Commissioner in the 5th district.
I have known Jennifer for nearly a decade as a neighbor and friend. I find her to be honest, trustworthy, reliable, and deeply committed to Barton County and its residents. Jennifer’s background as a journalist serves her well as a County Commissioner because it allows her to ask tough questions and seek truthful answers.
Because of the leadership of Jennifer and the other commissioners, Barton County currently carries no debt. At the same time, residents enjoy the same level of services they always have. This is significant in a time when many constituencies throughout our state are seeing a cut in public services.
Jennifer believes she works for the people of Barton County, so much so that she lists her home and cell phone numbers on her campaign literature. She has no other agenda than to serve the residents of Barton County. Jennifer’s experience and deep understanding of county government is an asset to the commission and its constituents. Please join me in re-electing Jennifer on August 5.
Carrie Feist
Great Bend