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Reason to vote for Roger Marshall
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Dear Editor,
I thought the last state election was a mess with all these giant post cards coming through the mail and TV ads with outlandish claims and charges against candidates of both parties. This year’s Kansas primary election seems to be worse. Who pays for all of this stuff?
Some is paid for by the candidates and generally you can understand their position. What about all the wild charges on all the issues paid for by people who we don’t know or understand their objectives.
Let’s take the race for Congress in the 1st Congressional District of Kansas. Congressman Huelscamp has served us two terms and dismissed from the House Agriculture Committee. He was unable to get along with the Republican leadership. Dr. Roger Marshall MD would know more about public health care than his opponent and his success in working with other people would assure his appointment to the Agriculture Committee of the House of Representative. The 1st District needs Dr. Marshall
You can see why I am voting for Roger Marshall and I hope you see the reason you would also vote Roger Marshall.
Bob Parrish
Great Bend