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Religiousness of our world has devastated the truth of Christianity
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Dear Editor,
The religiousness of our world has devastated the truth of Christianity.
Let me try to explain this thought.
Human wisdom, human reasoning, human philosophies and humanitys ideology is to use education, discipline, rehabilitation, coaching, guidance counseling, enlightenment, control, indoctrination, and all kinds of recovery programs to make people right with an imaginary standard that humanity fails to define.
As you can see from this explanation, our world is chasing its tail gaining no ground in establishing the wonderful world or utopian state we so desire.
There are two reasons this is not working.
One, in a world without truth, there is no set standard of behavior to be followed. And two, we must play upon peoples self-centered desires to get them to behave in the way we want them to.
Without a set standard the self has no bench mark from which to measure. Without a bench mark everyone will end up doing whatever is right in their own minds. Chaos will rule the day unless the heavy hand of control is instituted and then the strong will rule until the weak rebel against the heavy hand.
The world you are living in at this present time has now been defined.
This is not the way of the Kingdom of God which Jesus died to establish. This is also why Gods Kingdom is not of this world.
Now, much of todays Christianity follows the ways of this world and not the ways of its King.
We try to tell people that the Christian standard is a good way for them to live life. See how we are playing upon the self-centeredness of humanity. We tell people that its good for you. This is human reasoning.
Christianity calls people to die to self. This is not human thinking.
See, God desires to sanctify people by placing a new and Holy Spirit in them. This can only happen when a human sees the self for who, and what, it really is.
The human race is self-seeking, self-gratifying, self-centered and could really care less about anybody except for self.  Before the human race can move forward they must come to terms with self. They must die to the self-will take up the cross of Christ and follow Gods standard.
This is truly the moment of a humans rebirth. They will no longer be the same old self-centered human but they will have become a God centered person seeking to please their Lord and not themselves.
The world we live in desires to sanctify or make people holy and right with the world and not with the true God of Scripture who calls us to Himself through Christ Jesus.
To try and sanctify a human without first having them justified by faith in the One and only God of creation is impossible. But, all things are possible with God.
May we heed the message and return to the Lord for the time of salvation is now!
Pastor Thomas R. Swain
Great Bend