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Remember Lincoln's "House Divided" speech
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Dear editor,

In 1854, Stephen A. Douglas (a Democrat) helped to engineer the Kansas Nebraska Act, effectively repealing the Missouri Compromise of 1820, and opening the door to slavery in Kansas. In actuality, the people of Kansas and African Americans were being used as pawns in the real agenda of a political power play to get a transcontinental railroad in the north with the support of those who were pro-slavers. And it set the stage for the tragic events of “Bleeding Kansas.”
Instead of leading, politicians set people against one another. But it also triggered a self-taught lawyer to get back into politics – Abe Lincoln! And in 1858, in his love for America, Lincoln gave his “House Divided” speech which Christians will recognize is from the Bible. He became the first Republican president. The Republican platform was strongly anti-slavery. Lincoln was a moderate. He yearned to UNITE the country. But even before he could get started the democrats rebelled, seceded, and attacked – forcing Lincoln’s hand to take action.
Stunningly, history is repeating itself. Stunning parallels, as another Republican president tries to unite the country while fighting for a major civil rights issue – the right of babies to “life,.....”. Incensed with bitter hatred and calling for the assassination of a sitting president, democrats have come out attacking, even shooting at senators not so long ago, attacking free speech in the streets, determined to divide the country along ethnic, gender, class, and remarkably even color lines!! And so let us REMEMBER Abe Lincoln – the Republican, the emancipator of slaves – and his speech “House Divided.” And let us discern the evil agenda of those who wish to divide America, pitting American against American, for their own personal, selfish agenda. Let us say NO to hate and division. And let us say YES to civility, dialogue, reason. Let all reasonable Americans embrace the best interests of America, and not the petty political power ploys of those with an agenda. And let us appeal to the “Prince of Peace” to bring calm to our great nation. Let us remember the legacy of Abe Lincoln.

Paul and Evelyn Leonard
Great Bend