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Remember Pearl Harbor
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Dear Editor,
Seventy years ago, the morning of Dec. 7, the sky over Pearl Harbor, Hawaii was filled with Japanese planes.
When the last of attacking aircraft rejoined the Japanese Fleet, 1,178 lay wounded and 2, 403 lay dead or dying.
A great portion of the United States Pacific Fleet was in shambles.
Thus began America’s entry into World War II — five years that changed the world.
The United States returned from World War II as the world’s greatest military and economic power.
America was the world’s peacekeeper and a symbol of freedom and liberty for all.
The first morning at Pearl Harbor men were killed as they ran to man their battle stations.
Families across our nation listened in horror as the radio announced the destruction and death.
For the next 44 months, spouses and children watched their fathers and mothers answer the call to arms. Precisely 292,131 of those men and women never saw their families again.
Beginning at Pearl Harbor and throughout World War II, American soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen suffered injuries, many of which they carry today.
For those who escaped death and physical injury, World War II had also changed their lives forever.
Remember those lost on this anniversary of Pearl Harbor, it is time to say thank you.
Thank you to the 2,403 for whom the beginning was also the end.
Living veterans of foreign wars have all paid a price to enjoy the freedom today.
We ask you to join us in our grief over friends lost and in sympathy for the servicemen and their families who have suffered.
Join us in recalling their sacrifices, their bravery and their commitment.
But also join us in our joy for having served the greatest nations on the face of the earth.
For all who have served, for all who have suffered and for all who have died, join us as we say “May almighty god bless them — and may god Bless America.
Thelma Hipp,
Americanism chairman,
VFW Post 3111 and Auxiliary,
Great Bend