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Remembering attacks on America
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Dear Editor,
Many Americans remember what they were doing.
I, too, remember sitting at home glued to the TV, numb, horrified but not alone. I had my phone in my hand talking to my sister. Wishing I could scoop up all my family and friends and have each one near. Close at heart.
Ten years later I will remember. After a day of reflections, TV, memorials, flags flown at half mast.
I decided to go to bingo.
A great American past time, nothing usual for anyone who knows me.
Anyway, (I want to thank the VFW, not because I won money at bingo, because of the patriotism) the veterans that help at bingo handed each player an American flag.
We all joined in an American song and most stood proudly waving our flags, proud to be Americans, one of the veterans read a tribute to our flag “Old Glory” and we had a moment of silence for those who lost their life during that fearful attack.
The VFW and the veterans showed us all we can always show our patriotism.
It only takes a moment.
Marsha Dallen,
VFW Auxiliary member,
Great Bend