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Resident asked to do the right thing
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Dear Editor,
This is letter goes out to the man with a later model white pickup parked at Wal-Mart on Thursday, June 11.
You left Wal-Mart at approximately 11:30 a.m., loading your purchases into your passenger side door. I was parked next to you in a red Ford Edge. Did you know, sir, that when you carelessly opened your door to load your vehicle it was with enough force that you dented my rear quarter panel causing almost $600 worth of damage? I am sure you didn’t intend this action, but it happened. It was seen on the surveillance cameras. I have talked to Wal-Mart, the police, and my insurance company and at this point your actions, although not criminal, are now my responsibility. In a perfect world, that would not be the case. I understand that the world isn’t always perfect, but I am appealing to do the right thing and contact me through the Tribune.
Thank you.
Nancy McAllister
Great Bend