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Roberts is in touch
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Dear Editor,
Some people have made the accusation that Senator Pat Roberts is out of touch with Kansans.
Senator Roberts has four offices in Kansas. Every day the staff at these offices report to the office in Washington, D.C. on the events in their area. These include information about natural disasters, problems that people are facing, comments on issues of the day, major events taking place, etc., etc. All are summarized and a report is given to the Senator.
Every day Senator Pat Roberts knows more about what is happening in Kansas on a wide variety of issues than even the news reporters across the state. The daily report goes much deeper than the headlines in the news because the various offices hear from Kansans about their concerns.
Senator Roberts’ staff is there to help Kansans and to provide the Senator with a pulse on the issues facing Kansans. There is an office in each of the four Congressional Districts, so the information received comes from every part of Kansas. Senator Roberts has an office in Dodge City (620-227-2244), in Topeka (785-295-2745), in Overland Park (913-451-9343), in Wichita (316-263-0416) and in Washington D.C. (202-224-4774).
Senator Roberts is not out of touch, he is more “in touch” than almost everyone else in Kansas. Few know more about Kansas, Kansans, and the issues facing Kansas than Senator Pat Roberts.
David Gittrich