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RSVP appreciates the help
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Dear Editor,
RSVP wants to thank everyone that participated in our annual fund-raiser by purchasing recycled memorial flowers. 
The Great Bend Cemetery only allows the flowers to be displayed on the grass for a short time because of lawn maintenance requirements. 
RSVP collects the flowers that were not picked up by family members, refurbishes them and offers the flowers for sale the following year at a very minimal cost.
This year’s flower project earned $603 for RSVP. All of the money earned will be used to support local programs here in Barton County. 
I would like to thank all the volunteers that help with the RSVP Thrift Shop in Hoisington. You guys sold more than half of all the flowers sold this year. 
The volunteers that helped with sales in Great Bend also did a great job. 
And a very special thanks goes to the Upward Bound group that collected the flowers from the cemetery after Memorial Day.
Those flowers will be available for sale next spring. 
To all of you, your generous assistance with this project was invaluable and we definitely couldn’t have done it without you! Donna Baugh,
Great Bend