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Set term limits
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Dear Editor,
Is there anyone out there besides me who would like to see “term limits” for our Federal Congressmen/women implemented; and is there anyone out there who would like to see “lobbying” of them made illegal? If so let’s make it known through “The Public Forum” as a “clearinghouse.” Expect self-serving, criticism from the Congressional Representatives and Senators themselves. I am not asking them what they “think.” Actually for the most part they are good people, but it is the system which is broken. And the fundamental flaw: after they are elected, a lot of their motivation is to get re-elected in order to maintain their immense benefit package and powerbase. Term Limits (limit re-election to a second term only for both senators and Representatives) would refocus why they are in Washington. And any hope of fixing it must be a “grass roots” activity. There is too much at stake not to try.
Tom Bauer
Great Bend