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Social Security and Medicare under attack
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Dear editor,
Congressman Tim Huelskamp does not care about people like me. He threatened to cause the government to default. It scares me to have Tim Huelskamp near my Social Security and Medicare. I am a former Liberal, Kan., teacher who worked hard to have peace of mind in my retirement. Congressman Tim Huelskamp has repeatedly protested the cost of an aging population. On many of his publicity hound television appearances Congressman Huelskamp expresses alarm over what he calls the need to “Reform Social Security & Medicare” which sounds like a threat to my retirement.
I recently read an on topic post by one of Huelskamp’s Republican Opponents who commented: “Expanding Social Security doesn’t involve cuts. You seem to be coming from the camp that equates reducing the cost of living adjustment with reform. Pull your head out, food and fuel have been removed from the inflation index, but people, retired and otherwise, cannot remove food and fuel from their budgets.” Kent Roth, Republican candidate for Congress in the First District, who I spoke with me at the International Pancake Race event in Liberal, Kan., has made protecting Social Security and Medicare his top priority.
 Congressman Huelskamp says he wants to “reform Social Security and Medicare,” but I prefer someone who wants to “protect Social Security and Medicare” from the likes of Huelskamp.

Starley Craig