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SPTP Task Force
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Dear Editor,
Mr. Settle:
Thank you so much for your intelligent, perceptive letter to Governor Brownback which was published in the Great Bend Tribune last week! Your statements are so much more accurate than other news coverage I have read concerning the SPTP Task Force and it is so important for the public to know the truth. SPTP is not only legally mandated, as you are well aware, but is a far better option for society than simply having sexual predators back on the street after they have been incarcerated. Understandably sex offenders would prefer to be free to do as they please and likely commit further sexual crimes, but this is certainly not what is best for the general public. And I realize that people may not like for tax money to be spent treating an unpopular group of people but some can learn to manage their offending behavior and it’s better for society to be safe in the meantime.
Research shows that victims of sexual assault suffer a much higher rate of both physical and mental health problems as they go through life, so the cost to victims and society in so many ways far exceeds what some people may realize.
It was also gratifying to read your positive comments about the Sexual Predator Treatment Program at Larned State Hospital. It is a stressful and dangerous place to work, as are other programs at the Hospital, and the staff there do work very hard with a difficult population, and are deserving of commendation. Thank you for speaking on their behalf!
Sylvia DesLauriers
concerned citizen and voter