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Steve Johnson for District Judge
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Dear Editor,
A judge needs to be honorable, a person of principals, knowledgeable in the law and perform his duties in a timely fashion. I have had the honor of knowing Steve Johnson for over twenty years on a professional and personal level and he meets’this criteria. Steve knows the law and has offered professional advice when we needed his services. Steve has also been active in his community on many levels. Steve and I had the opportunity of belonging to the Great Bend AMBUCS (American Business Clubs), a service organization that provides scholarships for therapist on a national level. We worked together on many projects on the local level. Helping those who were mentally and physically challenged, we spent many an hour building wheel chair ramps with fellow AMBUCS, supporting local agencies who were dedicated to helping those in need and doing what we could to improve our community. Steve belongs to other service organizations and has dedicated his life to helping others in his community.
Steve Johnson grew up in rural Kansas, where he learned the value of hard work and dedication to family and GOD. When we were working on AMBUC projects his daughter Lyndsee was always close by. Now she has graduated from college and starting on her new career in architecture. When Jil and Steve were blessed with their son, Mitch, they dedicated themselves to raising Mitch with the same family values they raised Lyndsee with. Now Mitch is an outstanding young man active in school, sports and church.
We encourage you to exercise your right to vote and vote for Steve Johnson for Judge of the District Court, serving Rice, Stafford, Ellsworth, Russell and Barton county. He will serve this district honorably.
Janice and Bryan K. Harris
Great Bend