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Support all fighting cancer
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Dear Editor,
I know in our area we have supported Cancer Awareness with Relay for Life and Kans For Kids, and even the “Pink Outs” at ballgames. But our community has been impacted by more than just Breast Cancer that is supported by the color pink. My mom was just recently diagnosed with Colon Cancer which is the color Blue. We made shirts for her to help support Colon Cancer Awarness, many people in our community have purchased these shirts because they have been impacted by someone who beat colon cancer or they wear in memory of someone.
I would like to challenge our community to rememeber all those fighting cancer of all kinds. I would like to see our community have more than just the “pink outs” at the ball games, lets try a “blue out” for colon cancer, an “orange out” for luekemia, a “black out” for melnoma, or even a “purple out” for pancreatic cancer.
I support all cancer survivors and mourn all those who have passed on. And I would like our community to take a minute and just say a pray for all cancer survivors and the families of those who are no longer suffering.
Priscilla Rose
Great Bend