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Support for Cheyenne Bottoms water canal
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Dear Editor,
I read the article in the Great Bend Tribune describing the nine-month, $6 million dollar project to improve water-flow from the Arkansas River to the Cheyenne Bottoms Wildlife Area. I found it interesting that the old open-canal design was first constructed in the 1950’s. Yet, it was obvious that the old design was becoming insufficient. As the article noted, many people, sadly, threw  trash into the canal and water-flow would be impeded and maintenance costs became a burden both on manpower and consequently to taxpayers.  
I am pleased with the design of burying large-diameter concrete pipe. That should be more efficient. Plus, in times of drought: it should be able to carry a higher volume of water than the old open-air canal, since none would be lost to evaporation or seepage.
In the coming years: WATER is going to be a scarce commodity. So, good planning now will reap good dividends later; and thus protect wildlife habitat at Cheyenne Bottoms for decades to come.
James A. Marples