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Support for Paul Davis
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Dear Editor,
The unfortunate practice these days is to attempt to impugn the character of your political opponent when you are running on a poor record of achievement. Such is the case of Sam Brownback. Other than the empty slogan, “The sun is shining in Kansas,” he has nothing constructive to offer and attempts to suggest that Paul Davis is lacking in moral character.
My daughter, a professional journalist and former Columbia University adjunct professor, has high regard for Paul, a former fellow member of the KU Young Democrats organization. His wife, Stephanie, a former clinical psychology intern of mine as well as valued colleague for many years at the Leavenworth Veterans Administration Medical Center is an exceptionally competent, ethical professional psychologist committed to the rehabilitation of disabled veterans. This young couple with an adorable daughter, Caroline, represents the best of Kansas family values and are committed to enhancing the lives of Kansas citizens. As a Kansan with substantial knowledge of the values and character of Paul Davis, I support him without reservation to become the next Governor of Kansas.
Lyman Rate