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Support for Stein
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Dear Editor,
Bill Wolf has served two terms as our state representative. He has established a record on which we can judge his service. If you really feel he has been a good representative, vote for him again.
I, on the other hand, will not be voting for Bill Wolf for the following reasons:
I do not trust Bill Wolf to work for what is in the best interest of our district. He is influenced by others that have an “agenda.” In the Wednesday June 6, 2007 issue of the Great Bend Tribune, Bill Wolf was talking about his year in the legislature. The article states “he met swarms of lobbyists who inhabit the capitol.” “I was told you don’t have to worry about eating at night” because the lobbyists treat lawmakers to dinner. “My wife who was with me never had to cook a meal.” These statements speak for themselves.  
Many of the mailings and fliers that he sends out are paid for by outside groups, not with money from his campaign. Those outside groups do not have our best interest in mind. They have learned that Bill Wolf will provide a vote for them in the legislature. I want someone who will vote for our interests, not the interests of outside groups.
Last winter, Bill Wolf sent a questionnaire asking constituents where we stand on certain important issues. I replied to the email provided on the questionnaire stating that I would be glad to let him know what my stand was but I would first like to know where he stood on those same issues. Twice I tried to get a response from him but he would not respond. Others commented that he would not respond to them either. We need a representative that will talk to the people of our district. Christina Stein has shown she is interested in what we think. She has knocked on hundreds of doors in our district, talking and listening to the voters, not the lobbyists and party bosses.
It is time we have a representative that will work for what is best for our district, not what lobbyists, party bosses, and outside groups want for their interests.
It is for these reasons that I am voting for Christina Stein. She will listen to us and work for what is in the best interest of the people of our district.
Gary Pinkall,
Great Bend