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Take animals to GB Humane Society
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Dear Editor,
We woulld like to inform everyone that when you dump an animal or pet in our rural areas of Stafford County that Stafford has no animal shelter for us to take them to.
We are animal lovers and it deeply upsets us when we find a dog or cat left in our area. To the people who dump these animals, if you can not take care of them please take them to the Great Bend Humane Society.
You are leaving these these poor animals to survive coyotes, skunks, owls, so why dump them here.  
We can not take them to Great Bend because they will not accept animals outside of Barton County. And we can not afford to feed all these animals that are being dumped.  
If you love the animal enough take it to Great Bend Humane Society instead of leaving it to the vultures of the country.
Diane and Doris Roat
St. John