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Tax breaks don't add to employment
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Dear Editor,
To Edward Cross, president of Kansas Independent Oil & Gas Association, Topeka:
Thanks for the morning laugh (in reference to last Tuesday’s Public Forum.)
With Republicans holding the future of America hostage by threatening to not raising the debt ceiling, I needed one.
However, I trust an educated person such as yourself learned the following at whatever institution of higher learning you attended (hopefully not a for-profit, but that would explain everything):
Businesses do not create jobs based on tax breaks they receive.
Businesses hire new workers when they need to, and not before.
When the demand for their products or services cannot be met with their current staff, that is when they’ll hire.
Tax breaks for businesses do not enhance that consumer demand.
Anyone who claims that tax breaks for businesses create jobs either doesn’t understand this simple dynamic, or is lying to you.
If your managerial skills aren’t sufficient enough to wrangle a living out of your present enterprise without corporate welfare, perhaps you would do better to cut hair or drive a truck?
Public whining and misrepresentation are just plain demasculating.
Shawn Perez,
Great Bend