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Teichman is the person for the job
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Dear Editor,
My dad, Brette Riley, managed clothing stores in several Western Kansas communities including St. John and Larned. He had loved that work and felt strongly connected to the people in those communities, but he became frustrated with the “Company” when decisions about his local store began to be made by regional offices in Dallas or Chicago. The last straw was the year they made him return his unsold winter coats, gloves, and galoshes at the end of February. Dad argued that Western Kansas sometimes got its biggest snow in March or even early April. He wanted those winter items on hand to help his local families; however, he was forced to send the items back. Of course, it snowed in March that year. I use this analogy to illustrate why Ruth Teichman should be re-elected to the Kansas Senate. Ruth is a lot like my dad. She’s deeply connected to her Western Kansas roots and the communities she represents. She refuses to let out-of-state special interest groups such as Americans for Prosperity control her and tell her what’s best for her constituents. Sen. Teichman showed great courage and integrity when she refused to sign a “loyalty” pledge circulated by a group of politicians in Topeka. She is responsible to us, her Western Kansas friends. She retains the independence and freedom to vote for you and your community needs, not an agenda created by a “think tank” out of touch with life in rural Kansas.
If your area is new to Senator Teichman’s district, please take the time to get to know her. Ask her substantive questions about issues that concern you. You will be impressed. Those of us who are currently represented by Senator Teichman hold her in the highest regard. As a life-long Kansas resident and a partner in running her family farm, she understands the challenges and rewards of life in her district. Sen. Teichman’s integrity, willingness to listen, and sense of responsibility to you make her the right choice for Senator from District 33. Sen. Teichman will not leave us without galoshes in a storm.
Pat (Riley) Schwartz