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Teichman's voting record
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Dear Editor,
In 1998 the Kansas Legislature enacted restrictions on partial-birth/late-term abortions. In the years following, provisions of the law were ignored as loopholes were found in the reporting requirements, and at one time Kansas was the abortion capital of the Midwest. During the past six years, lawmakers have made a number of attempts to tighten the restrictions and reporting requirements. When Governor Sebelius and subsequently Governor Parkinson were in office, these Bills were guaranteed a veto.
This presented a unique opportunity for liberal Republicans in the Senate. They could vote for the Bill knowing a veto would block enactment. Then, when they failed to stand with “real” Republicans to override the veto, the bill would not become law. Most of the Bills died in the Senate this way. How convenient. They could still claim support for the restrictions. Or deny support for the restrictions, depending on who they were speaking to.
Ruth Teichman was one of the Senators who repeatedly used this tactic. Although, she sometimes just voted against the legislation. Here are some of her votes:
SB 528 (2006) Abortion and Live Birth Reporting Requirements- Teichman voted NAY.
SB 528 Veto Override- Teichman voted NAY.
SB 389 (2008) Partial-Birth/Late Term Abortion Law-Tighter Restrictions-Veto Override – Teichman voted NAY.
SB 218 (2009) Partial-Birth/Late Term Abortion Law Amendments-Veto Override – Teichman DID NOT VOTE.
HB 2115 (2010) Partial-Birth/Late Term Abortion Reporting, Increased Enforcement- Teichman voted NAY.
HB2115-Veto Override – Teichman voted NAY
HB 2035/SB 146 (2011) Parental Consent for Abortions on Minors – Establishes Fetus as Human Being – Reporting of All Abortions- Teichman voted NAY.
If you are not sure about what takes place during a Partial-Birth Abortion, please take the time to learn. There is no more heinous way to terminate a human life. Surely Senator Teichman doesn’t claim to be pro-life.
Campaign rhetoric is cheap. Voting records speak the truth.
Jim Stevens
Great Bend