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Thankful for election commercials
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Dear Editor,
Most of you are going to think I’ve lost my mind when you read the following statement.
I am thankful for all the election commercials.
Now let me explain.
I firmly believe that our election process reveals how we believe toward God.
The people of our nation are looking for a savior. We are looking for someone that will fix our national situation. We know there is a problem but we don’t know how to get out of the problem so we look for someone who will promise to get us out of the mess we’re in.
The reality is the only one who is worthy of our vote is the one who will promise to fix the problem the way we want it to be fixed.
Why I say this is how we believe toward God is because we will only submit our self to God as our chosen authority figure if He will be the God we want Him to be.
I will only cast my vote for Jesus as Lord if He will follow my way. This strips Jesus of His Lordship and makes Him a puppet of my demands.
Since Jesus commands that we subject ourselves to His rule and reign and that we follow Him, we tend to balk at wanting Him as our authority figure.
Americans do not want a King that rules over them. They want a leader that will answer to them and make promises to them and subject themselves to them.
I want everyone to realize that the problem with our system is not those who are in office. They have subjected themselves to us to gain and attain our vote. The problem we have has been created by the voter who demands a leader to do his/her will.
We lost America when the people were no longer subjected to the Lord our God. We then demanded leaders to do for us instead of do what is right according to the One true King and Lord.
Now it seems that we want a Savior that will be the same as our elected officials bowing to us to earn our vote.
Since this is not how the Lord Jesus operates His kingdom, He will allow us to dig a little deeper complaining about the very people we elect.
And please don’t think things have changed in the last 2000 years. Jesus was crucified by people using their political and governing leaders to do their bidding.
On election day, don’t vote for the person who will represent you but for the one who will subject him or herself to the Lord and do what is right.
Pastor Thomas R. Swain
First Church of God
Great Bend