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Thanks for election support
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Dear Editor,
To the fine citizens of Great Bend:
I would like wholeheartedly to thank you for the write-in support I received for the USD 428 school board position. 
Though I am disappointed to not be a part of the official workings of my children’s school, I am not discouraged. 
God willing I will try again in two years.
Unfortunately, after the election I learned that there was some misinformation as to why I was running for the school board position. 
Even though the election is over I would like to share why a home schooling family would like to be on the public school board.  My high school-aged children attend public school and I have always planned for that to be the situation. 
I home school during the primary grades because I can.  
Since we have eight children it can sometimes be difficult to find time to connect with them. 
Home schooling gives me that opportunity on a different level just as coaching your child’s sport team allows a parent to see a different side of  their child’s personality.  
I cherish school time with my kids. I love seeing their eyes light up with understanding. I love hearing my kids say the Pledge of Allegiance and sing the national anthem, and I love the freedom to teach my kids about God.
We have fantastic teachers in our town. Our choice to home school during the primary grades is in no way a reflection of dissatisfaction with the other teachers.  In fact, I am comforted by the fact that if I became unable to home school, either physically or financially, there would be very skilled teachers to pick up where I left off. 
I had no hidden home school, extracurricular participation agenda. 
As you know, all school board decisions require a majority vote. 
No one person can make major changes by her/himself. I am simply a mom who loves her kids deeply and hopes to be a part of the school board at some point in the future, so I can continue being a part of their school lives in a unique way.
Thank you again to all the people who believed in me and gave me their support.
Congratulations to our two new school board members and two returning members. 
May Gods blessing be upon you as you make decisions for USD 428.
Sara Williams,
Great Bend