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Thanks for remembering soldiers
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Dear Editor,
To the Great Bend Military Moms:
I just wanted to take some time to say thank you for all of the care packages you sent to myself and the Soldiers I take care of.
Out here in our small COP — combat outpost — we have a hard time coming by the simple things we need.
Your generosity and caring is so very appreciated.
I had signed up for care packages for my soldiers and civilians only a couple days after our Aid Station was destroyed in a blast.
Most of the items I had tucked away for my soldiers were destroyed along with some medical supplies and morale.
There are some soldiers who had not gotten a single piece of mail from back home until those packages began to arrive.
They are very appreciative of people back home like you and your organization.
I look after nearly 200 people here with the help of three other medics.
We try our best to keep these soldiers happy along with the civilians who live here with us.
Unless someone has been here in this war it is hard to explain how life feels day to day.
Never knowing what could be your last smile or last handshake is something unexplainable.
People back home have hearts so big I am not sure how they fit into their chests.
People who we take care of here that are local nationals are starting to see exactly what it means to live in a country as amazing as America.
Every time they receive even a small item from us, this over whelming look of gratefulness sweeps over them and they see that we are only here to help them have a chance to live in a country without fear. They realize that there is another side of life that is not war.
For some all they have known for nearly 40 years is war and destruction.
They have lost husbands, wives and children to senseless acts of terrorism.
I am so very proud to be here to help them obtain the freedom I hold so dear.
No one should live every day in fear.
Again, thank you for everything you have done and continue to do for soldiers all over the world.
I hope this new year brings you all the kindness that you are bestowing onto others.
SPC Mary Abney,
68W Combat Medic,
COP McClain,