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Thanks for remembering us
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Dear Editor,
To Great Bend Military Moms,
Thank you so much for sending the packages you have sent. 
They have made a real difference in the morale here at FOB Farah.  We received five boxes total.
There is only myself and another JTAC (Joint Terminal Air Controller) here, so we shared them with our Army counter parts. 
Everyone sincerely appreciated everything, and was excited to open them. 
Mail here is extremely inconsistent here at FOB Farah so when someone gets something its always a good sign. 
Again, thank you very much for your continued support, this is my second deployment receiving packages from the Moms and its nice to know people are thinking of us. 
We appreciate everything you do back home and have you in our thoughts.
Staff Sgt. Cody McNorton,
Staff Sgt. Ramiro Villalobos,
Joint Terminal Air Controller