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That special spirit
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Dear Editor,
Great Bend was permanently founded May 23, 1872, and in the opinion of many, ever since has led a “charmed life.” I think often about the incredible good fortune of our city every time something important is about to happen to us. For example, we have survived droughts, the Dustbowl, grasshopper invasions, flooding, tornadoes, a polio epidemic, some of the mayhem of the Civil War, WWI and WWII, the Great Depression, flood control, and several other wars. And WWII included acquisition of the vast acreage west of Great Bend, which was converted into a training base for hundreds of B-29 crews.
Along the way, and after many countywide intensely contentious elections, Barton County Community College was established; and today our city is the permanent location for impressive sports complexes, several recreational venues, soccer fields, and the memory of the Argonne Rebels, Kansas’s First National Championship Drum and Bugle Corps. Corps fan letters are still received from around the country, even though the 160-member unit ceased operation in 1973.
And then in the year 2000, the real “blockbuster”: our own Jack Kilby who grew up in Great Bend was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for his invention of the microchip, a fantastic item upon which today rests the multi-trillion worldwide computer industry. We have our beautiful churches and acres of Great Bend new public school tartan turf. The list of true blessings to Great Bend and its citizens is endless. And the quest for excellence in so many different areas continues.
But what does any of this have to do with re-electing Mayor Allison?
Great Bend remains very aggressive in all its pursuits of new business, cultural additions, research of novel new commercial enterprise, while always sensible yet practical. There is a constant and vigorous pursuit of what works and is good for Great Bend, and this effort remains Mayor Allison’s goal.
Mike’s philosophy reminds me of the NIKE slogan: “JUST DO IT” and it gets done with the result being permanent benefits without indenturing generations that will still be living in Great Bend many years. And because of this philosophy, this city will continue to thrive.
I agree with every endorsement I have read urging the re-election of Mayor Allison. His legacy also nurtures the quintessential positive attitude and political environment which have helped Great Bend prosper.
If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
This letter is unsolicited. I urge you to vote for Mayor Allison this April 2nd. He has proven his ability, integrity, and for many years has established his commitment to sensible objectives. We need his continued dynamic leadership, and special spirit!
Glenn Opie
Great Bend