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Dear Editor,
Some people believe that being basically good, once in a while or at least some of the time is how you get to heaven. There are others that believe that going to church, following certain rituals, completing ordained ceremonies, giving money and doing acts of kindness will get you to heaven.
What if the only way to heaven is for a perfect human being to die for the not so good things you have done?
See, God requires perfection and since none of us are perfect He has made a way for us to have our imperfections covered or atoned for.
God’s entry way into heaven requires a cleansing by the blood of His Lamb. His perfect spotless Lamb is Jesus Christ who went to the cross and died the death every one of us deserves for the sins against God that we have committed. In this act Jesus takes away the sin of the world. Now, it is our responsibility to come to Him that is Jesus, for the cleansing of our life.
Far too many people are depending upon their own ability to be good or do enough of the right things to attain a heavenly afterlife. The truth is we cannot overcome our sinful nature and must have something done for us if we are going to receive a heavenly after life.
We are all dependent upon what God has done for us in the person of Jesus Christ. When are we going to accept the fact that we are not good enough for heaven and need God’s help to gain a heavenly afterlife?
Are you ready to trust in what God has done for you are risk not being good enough on your day of judgment? God has completed the work the choice to accept what He has done through Christ is yours.
Pastor Thomas R. Swain
First Church of God
Great Bend