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The right people for the jobs
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Dear Editor,
I am asking that everyone get out to vote for Randy Myers for Mayor, Thom Boor for 3rd Ward Councilman and Edwin Roberts for 1st Ward Councilman.
The way it works, at City Council, all council members vote on all the issues at the council meetings, the reason I tell you this is because I didn’t know until I went to a council meeting (just thought there may be some others out there that did not know this). Even though when we vote for our councilman we can only vote for the people running in our Ward. So if you live in the 3rd Ward you can only vote for the person in the 3rd Ward. However, when voting for Mayor we all can vote no matter what ward we are in. Vote Vote Vote.
Randy Mayors has been city councilman for the 4th Ward for 6+ years and has been at all of the meetings except 2 (I believe). If he is not at a council meeting it is for a very good reason such as work. Randy is very dedicated to the City Council. He is honest and fair. He has his cell phone number and home number on the City web page and he will answer to anyone at almost anytime. If Randy can not answer your call at that very moment, all you have to do is leave a message, he will get back to you. I know this because I have called him myself. He will fight for anyone, in any Ward if he thinks you are right. He is not bias at all. He has done a lot for the people of Great Bend. He loves Great Bend as I love Great Bend and we want it to be a great Place to live again. With good paying jobs.
I have heard that we (Great Bend) has had chances to get several new businesses that would pay more than just get by pay (not sure what happened). Just get by Pay, You know the sort of job you can’t go on vacation or you have to work two or more jobs just to pay your utilities bills or work an extra job to buy Christmas for your children.
Thom Boor is also a very honest fair man. He was born here and lived here most of his life. He will be dedicated to the job as councilman. He already attends most of the council meeting ( even though he is not a councilman yet ) not until we vote him in on April 2. He is for good paying jobs, the right to vote and unbiased. He is the best candidate for the 3rd Ward Council Seat. You will not be sorry you voted for him. Edwin Roberts has Great Bend’s best interest in mind. He is for new industry and businesses in Great Bend. I would be proud to have him as a City Councilman. He has the time and will put forth every effort to do the right things for our City and for all of us , the people of Great Bend.
I have lived in Great Bend all my life and I love Great Bend. I remember when I graduated from High School I made as much money as I make now. The only reason I make that much now is because I work out of town. I wish I could find a job in Great Bend that I could be home more. I could work in my yard in the evenings when I got off work and watch my favorite TV program but as it is right now there are no jobs in Great Bend that I can make a decent living. So sad.
If you have a chance, attend a council meeting. Let’s get involved and make our City the place we want it to be.
Just give these good people a chance. Give yourselves a chance. Vote for the right people for the job.
Kevin Schwartz
Great Bend