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Time to learn more about Stein
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Dear Editor,
I had a long, pleasant conversation with Christina Stein at the Barton County Fair. She is the Democrat candidate for the 112th District of the Kansas Legislature. Although I don’t think she uses the “D-word.” I came away without a clear picture of her political positions. Therefore some research was needed.
Her bio from the Kansas Free Press says that she and her boyfriend, Chad, moved to Kansas in 2007. She has a degree in social work from Ferris State University in Michigan, with a minor in multi-cultural diversity. She helped build a non-profit organization called Kalkaska Citizen’s for Animals in Kalkaska, Mich. She is a member of the National Organization for Women.
Ms. Stein is a regular contributor to the Kansas Free Press. She wrote at least one article (often more) each month from December, 2009 through September, 2010.  
Here are some excerpts that paint a pretty clear picture of where she stands on some of the major issues facing Kansans. Those remarks that I have chosen are not out of context, as they follow the general theme of the article from which they came.
I encourage you to go to and further enlighten yourself.
Obamacare – On Dec. 31, 2009 Ms. Stein wrote: “May 2010 bring us health care reform”. On Jan. 5, 2010 she wrote an article entitled “Sam Brownback’s Special Interest.” In that article she wrote: “If a real concrete health care plan were passed, it would not only benefit the uninsured, but the insured as well.” She also stated: “The health care bill that has been passed is a watered down version of what we as American’s need”(underline added by me). She further stated: “Sam Brownback cannot say he does not have ulterior motives in denying affordable health care to the citizens of Kansas.” She also wrote: “the only thing I ask of Mr. Brownback, if insurance paid for with tax dollars is so terrible, save the state of Kansas some needed funds and pass on yours.”
Stimulus spending – In a Feb. 20, 2010 article entitled “Where Is All This Money Coming From” Ms. Stein wrote the following: “Democrats, especially President Obama have not taken credit for positive changes they have made in our nation.” Also: “It seems American society no longer wants to hear about what our government is doing right.”  Ms Stein cites a few examples of stimulus spending in Kansas then states: “These are just a few examples out of the $1,561,272,992 (including contracts, grants, and loans) Kansas received.” Of course Ms. Stein failed to mention that the roughly $1.561 billion the federal government so magnanimously gave to Kansas is about 7 percent of what Kansans pay them in taxes each year (for 2007 it was $22.311 billion). One can’t help but wonder (since she didn’t say) how much of her total came as loans versus grants or contracts. Isn’t it great that the federal government is willing to loan us some of our own money?
Immigration – On May 26 2010 Ms. Stein wrote an article entitled “Immigration Debate Takes a Wrong Turn”. I quote: “Arizona has recently come under fire for its immigration bill”. “Is this bill by itself going to be effective, or is it just a political ploy to satisfy those upset with illegal immigration”? More: “Big business lures illegal immigrants in with the promise of a better life”;. Interesting Ms. Stein. You may also believe that guns kill people, pencils make spelling errors, and spoons force people to be overweight.
Jobs – March 11, 2010 an article entitled “I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag Not a Corporation”. Ms. Stein wrote: “Corporations have been in control long enough”. Same article: “It is no secret legislature in Kansas has continued to hand out tax exemptions and give sweetheart deals to major corporations for years, while at the same time enacting tax cuts”. Way to go Ms. Stein. Let’s send Boeing and other big corporations packing. We don’t need their lousy jobs.
If you like Obama, Reid, and Pelosi, and want to bring their policies to Topeka, you will love Christina Stein.
Jim Stevens,
Great Bend