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Time to move on
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Dear Editor,
It is time to move on. An election is what it is and elections do at times get heated and controversial. That is the nature of the beast. But the election is over, what was said was said and it is time to move forward for the good of everyone involved. They can call me a liar, I can call them liars and we can continue to have heated exchanges to what end? If you are going to be in politics you better have thick skin, if you don’t then you should not get into politics. I for one am tired of the bickering and it is time to move forward. The city council can censure me if they really feel the need to drag this through the mud some more and create heated arguments in council meetings or they can spend the time being productive and do what is best for Great Bend. Even if they censure me they can not boot me off of the island and they can not take away my first amendment rights so it is for show only and is pointless. I for one will not play their bickering game in a council meeting. Elected officials in the State of Kansas are accountable to the Kansas Board of Ethics and to the voters who elect them to office. If I think any item that comes before the council is right I will vote for it regardless of what council member brings it before us. I am thick skinned enough that nothing that was said about me in the paper or on the radio will influence any of my future actions or cause me to hold animosities against my fellows. It is time to move on and work together for the good of Great Bend. We should be able to agree to disagree. It is time to act like adults and move on.
Randy Myers
Great Bend