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Time to put things in perspective at County Treasuere's Office
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Dear Editor,
It is time to put things in perspective in regard to the County Treasurer’s Office.
Kevin Wondra was elected by the voters of the entire county. Each of the commissioners are only elected by one-fifth of the county and not with 100% of the votes. The commissioners seem to think that Mr. Wondra is their employee. He is not....he is their peer.
All of the county’s business finds its way to the Treasurer’s Office for final accounting. This is a tremendous job in itself. In recent years there have been changes in that office with the addition of the driver’s licenses, remodeling the office and the introduction of a new software. Anyone who has had experience with new software knows there are always glitches and problems that arise.
Mr. Wondra has had his integrity attacked, been called a liar, his honesty doubted with very disturbing rhetoric from the commission. Kevin Wondra is probably one of the most honest and sincere people living in Barton County. The commission agenda appears to be an attempt to force him to resign as they cannot fire him. Kevin’s ability to do the job and his qualifications questioned. Just what qualifications do the commissioners have that they can hold that office?
It is truly sad this is taking place in Kansas--we are all supposed to be a kind and helpful people. Kevin’s family is no doubt suffering because of actions of the commissioners.
Peace on Earth--Good will toward men. Not in the courthouse.
The grinch has taken over.
Velma Kraft
Barton County Voter