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Train wreck
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Dear Editor,
“Train wreck.” It’s becoming the bipartisan description for Obamacare.
Premiums are doubling or worse. Taxes are going up. Health care costs are rising.
Now we face the October 1st deadline for the creation of the exchanges where those needing insurance can shop for a health care plan. According to the non-partisan General Accounting Office, there is no guarantee this exchange will be ready. Kansans have no clue what these plans will cover or how much they will cost. Neither does the Obama Administration.
That’s why I have introduced a bill that will abolish these exchanges and end the individual mandate if not ready when required by law. The Obama Administration has already admitted the employer mandate isn’t ready so they’ve delayed it, conveniently past the mid-term elections.
I’ve worked to repeal and replace Obamacare since day one. We cannot afford this train wreck.
U.S. Senator Pat Roberts