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Trustees look at campus security
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Dear Editor,
Response to Wednesday 18th’s article entitled “Trustees Look at Campus Security”:
I have no problem understanding the college trustees’ concern for the security of the students, faculty, and staff at BCC so please do not misconstrue my response. It is an unfortunate reality of the times we live in.
What does trouble me is one paragraph in the article, unknown if it is a quoted statement by the trustees or an analysis by the author. It states, “Should expenses for security go up as much as $180,000 a year, BCC might need to increase tuition and/or fees, at least for Barton County students.”
Does this mean that only Barton County students would bear the cost? If so, why? Security is a cost of doing business these days and I would suggest that all students of BCC should help bear the cost whether they attend on campus, online, as a military program student, or other. Why wouldn’t the cost be spread across the entire base of students reducing the individual impact incrementally?
This concept is no different than what we all pay incrementally, through taxes, to support organizations such as the TSA even though we may never fly commercially. It is in use in the same manner in hundreds if not thousands of other applications.
This is a situation where clarification is required to understand a proposed application.

Ken Lebbin