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Volunteers needed for this rebellion
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Dear Editor,
It’s time to reveal the truth of who I really am.
In November of 1992 I was called to duty by the King of my kingdom. I was instructed to go behind enemy lines and begin a rebellion.
This rebellion would be against the religious, governmental, and social structures in the area of my deployment. 
My duty was to make people aware of my King and His Kingdom.
After making people aware of this new kingdom my duty was to train and discipline them as soldiers of the King.
The rebellion was to be peaceful, yet, a drastic transformation of the area of my deployment. I was sent to set people free from the bondage of their current system. My duty was to make people aware of my King and His Kingdom. This new kingdom was supposed to attract many to seek, search and desire life delivered from the bondage they were experiencing from their present rulers.
I have decided to unveil my mission and make it public. In doing this I pray people will be more understanding of what I’m really doing. 
The world you reside in is messed up. It is under a curse and about 95% of the inhabitants are bound to the world in such a strong way that they are totally blind to the reality of a free lifestyle.
I am a resident of another kingdom.
I am a foreigner, alien and stranger to this world.
I live in it but I work hard to not be a part of it. 
This is a difficult world to live in.
Everywhere you turn someone is trying to grasp your attention so they can trap you into being bound to their oppression. Much of what they have to offer is attractive and promises pleasure, prosperity and power. What they are really offering is a way for them to have power and control over you and your freedom in this world.
It’s very difficult to admit that you are bound to a system that wants to steal your freedom, kill your life and destroy your soul. 
When you wake up to the reality of this world and your condition in it, you will be ready to fight against it. The rebellion that I offer is not a carnal fleshly rebellion waged with weapons of death and destruction. 
See, I am not fighting against flesh and blood.
My duty is to deliver you from your bondage and prepare you to fight against the rulers, principalities and powers of this dark world that are waging war against your soul.
The weapons of my warfare are mighty for the pulling down of the strongholds in your life.
I know this message sounds a bit strange. But it’s time for you to know what I’m all about and what I’m here for.
I have come to offer you a place in a new kingdom that is not of this world.
If you are interested in the rebellion I suggest you call on the King of my kingdom Jesus Christ for your salvation from this worldly system.
Pastor Thomas R. Swain,
First Church of God,
Great Bend