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Vote for better jobs and right to vote
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Dear Editor,
I am writing this because I believe that it is my and your right to vote. I don’t care if it is at the Federal, State or City level, it is our right. This brings me to the subject of for some reason same of the City Council has decided that we do not need to vote on several things they have decided on their own to do. All has resulted in tax increases or will result in tax increases. Maybe you like tax increases or feel that our Great Bend needed these things, however, don’t you want a chance to decide this yourself? This is one of the reasons you should vote for change.
Also do you want to have better paying jobs you can live without wondering what you need to cut out to make ends meet? Perhaps you have to cut out your cable TV or turn your furnace down and wear a sweater or sweatshirt to stay warm and be able to pay your heating bill. Or maybe limit your trips to the grocery store or drug store to make the gas in your tank last to be able to get to work all week long. Have you had to do that? Well, I have when I worked for low wages. How about it?
Do you want someone to listen to your needs and make an effort to do what they can to help you? Well, I do.
I want our city cleaned up to but let’s be fair to everyone. Everyone should cleanup their property whether it be private or business properties.
I am sure that the present Mayor and Council members are good people but they are not good leaders. They obviously believe we are not smart enough to make our own decisions.
With all this said I would ask you to vote for Randy Myers for Mayor, Thom Boor for councilman in 3rd Ward and Edwin Roberts in 1st Ward. They are down to earth and they all believe we need better paying jobs, be able to vote for our future in Great Bend and they will stand up for all of us not just a choice few.
Come on let’s vote for these guys.
Shelby Jones
Prior owner of S&J Tax Service.
Great Bend