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Vote for Marshall
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Dear Editor:
We are writing this letter in support of Dr. Roger Marshall for Congress because we have seen firsthand his leadership in our church, community, and state.
I am Matt Hiss and I am voting for Dr. Roger Marshall for many reasons. As a small business owner in the financial industry I have seen how savvy of an investor and business man Roger has been. Whether it was the decision to open up a privately owned hospital or helping guide a local bank as a board member, Roger has helped make critical decisions where the results turned out incredibly successful. I contribute his talent for making quick important decisions to his countless years as an OBGYN, where he is constantly faced with split second life or death decisions. Through my time on the Great Bend City Council I have realized the commitment it takes to have a significant impact on the community. It is hard to find a project that has happened over the past couple decades that Rodger hasn’t either been the driving force behind or a financial contributor. Dr. Roger Marshall has worked hard to make a positive impact in our community and deserves our vote.
I am Dena Hiss and I am voting for Dr. Roger Marshall. As a mother and educator I am deeply passionate about the children in our community. Roger not only shares this same passion as evident in his career as an OBGYN delivering babies every day, but also in our church. He is a great leader because he is not just leading but also doing. From being a strong board member to getting his hands dirty and teaching our children during children’s church he shows us how deeply rooted his faith is in both people and God. I also have a personal admiration for Dr. Marshall because he just delivered our beautiful twin boys this past September. It is refreshing to have a doctor who you can put your faith and trust in to safely deliver and protect not only your life but the lives of your babies. Seeing how he handles the most precious of moments to the largest of situations I know I can trust my vote with Dr. Roger Marshall.
We value Dr. Marshall’s support of Barton County Young Professionals and his efforts to put forth a LeaderCast conference. It is apparent that he has a passion to develop leaders that will help our community to thrive. Our family is personally grateful for all of the time, talents, and treasures that Roger has shared with those around him and his ability to get things done where no one has before. Make sure to cast your vote Aug. 2, from 7 a.m to 7 p.m.!
Matt and Dena Hiss
Great Bend