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Vote for Mary Jo Taylor
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Dear Editor,
Don’t be fooled. There are two new Republican faces running for the Senate District 33. One, Mary Jo Taylor, promises change. The other is a Mitch Holmes clone and offers the same old, same old.
This election year, change should be something every Kansan embraces. A change in perspective, on the way our lawmakers conduct themselves on behalf of us, their constituents. We should expect our legislators to demonstrate wisdom, courage, fairness in decision making and the ability to communicate effectively. Dr. Mary Jo Taylor is a builder. A proven leader that will use her talents to change the way business is done in Topeka. As Superintendent of USD 349, Mary Jo Taylor has steered Stafford Schools through this state’s financial crisis while providing growth and change, doing so while maintaining a balanced budget.
It is time to get Kansas back on solid ground. We, as the electorate, have the keys to turn this thing around.
Join me on Aug. 2, and vote Mary Jo Taylor, Senate District 33.
Jay Minnis