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Vote for Mary Jo Taylor and reclaim state
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Dear Editor,
I just got my mail this evening and received the anti Mary Jo Taylor advertisement. I was appalled by what I read, but not surprised, because in the words of Ronald Reagan, “Here you go again.” Last minute smear campaigns against moderate candidates have become a familiar occurrence in Kansas politics. I had to ask, “Is this the truth?”
I decided to learn more about Main Street Kansas, the organization that published the questionable advertisement. There was no website and nothing found when I Googled Main Street Kansas, P.O. Box 781717, Wichita. I decided to try to find a phone number for Main Street Kansas. I dialed 411, but the only listing related to Main Street Kansas was a liquor store in Augusta. I have learned that Main Street Kansas is actually a front for a company out of Ohio that specializes in negative advertising. This collection of lies was “outsourced” to another state.
The claims made in the mailer against Mary Jo Taylor are lies. Where do the establishment hit men get this stuff? Higher taxes? No credible organization or economic website that follows candidate platforms suggests that Mary Jo has even remotely supported higher taxes. I know because I looked, but most importantly, I went straight to the source. I asked Mary Jo Taylor about the claim. She was shocked by the false statements made, but just as concerned that those holding power would mock Kansans who love this state as much as she does. If elections are won on lies, the people suffer.
That’s not all. The propaganda continues in the claim that Mary Jo would somehow influence or support President Obama’s Medicare policies. I have no idea how a working superintendent of schools in Kansas could impact federal policy. And it mentions bill 249. Senate bill 249 is a school funding bill. It has nothing to do with Medicare. Where do they get this stuff? They make it up.
Not only was the ad published by a tabloid-style marketer thousands of miles from Kansas, it was created to guarantee the election of someone who would support current economic policy that is destroying the education, health care, and highways of our great state!
I have had the opportunity to visit with Mary Jo Taylor on numerous occasions. She has common sense, a commitment to fiscal responsibility, and a desire to maintain quality education in Kansas, three things that have been lacking in our state for some time. Please do not be fooled by a flood of last minute smear advertisements. Our state is full of people who are intelligent and think for themselves. Go to the polls on Aug. 2. Vote for Mary Jo Taylor and reclaim our state!
Sue Greenleaf