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Vote for Stein
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Dear Editor,
I have been watching the political races develop in this area for some weeks now, and there is one that has really caught my interest. That is the contest between Bill Wolf, the incumbent representative to the Kansas House of Representatives and Christina Stein, a bright new challenger.
It is a match that really gives the voters a clear choice.
Mr. Wolf is a pillar of the community, a man who has been familiar in this area for many years. I am sure he will continue business as usual attitude if sent back to Topeka.
If re-elected he will do again what he is told to do, and vote according to the sought after advice of the lobbyists, moneyed people and corporations.
They have been the people who have had his ear and his vote in the House in the last term. Some folks like that kind of representative.
Ms. Stein is well educated and well versed in the problems that inhabit the homes of Barton County.
She has a degree in social work and has seen first hand what low wages, lack of jobs and available health care can do to the fabric of families.
She has promised to do something to bring needed beneficial change to our area.
Her campaign has been paid for in time and shoe leather as she has gone door to door listening to those constituents who will vote Nov. 2.
Bill Wolf is a man of the status quo. To him change should benefit those who have already established their fortunes.
Those who are trying to improve their conditions by seeking better employment appear to be of little interest.
Christina wants to represent all the people in the district, those on the lower end of the economic scale; as well as those who struggle to maintain their middle class businesses.
She has the heart of the retired, who on fixed incomes are threatened daily; and she seeks the advice of those who have the power to create new jobs in the area.
For these reasons, I think it wise to send Christina Stein to the Kansas Legislature.
It is apparent she will listen to the needs of all the people she seeks to represent.
George Martin,