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Voters of Great Bend
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Dear Editor,
Voters of Great Bend:
Mike Allison has proven his leadership ability in many ways over the past years. It is that leadership that has a lot to do with growth that our city has achieved.
Mike Allison’s long term leadership has immersed him with a vast network of associates at the state and federal level. In the past, Mike has met with our Senators and Congressmen both in Washington when they have been in our area. It takes time to build relationships and it is those relationships that have benefited our community in many ways.
We should appreciate his diligence in fiduciary responsibilities with our city’s money. Many state and local governments are trying to reduce their deficits and balance their budgets while Mike has seen to it that we have not created a deficit. It did not take a recession to cause him to be fiscally conservative; he has always been that way.
Mike has always believed that Great Bend could grow and has worked hard to lead our community even when it seemed difficult. He has worked with the young people in the community to develop activities for them to enjoy. He has included young people in the decision making process. His positive leadership has made it easier for young people to want to return to Great Bend after they go off to college and get their education. He invites our college students to return to their home town.
Please join me again in voting for the person who will place their efforts in creating more jobs, continue to lead in a positive manner, and keep our finances protected. Please vote for Mike Allison for Mayor.
David Thill
Great Bend